Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association Newsletter – Fall – 2022

We have come to the end of another beautiful summer at Loon Call Lake.  You may have noticed that your schedule was a little more normal this year and you were scheduling cottage time along with other commitments and events. I know this made me recognize the bubble we lived in the past two years and realize there were some up sides to the pandemic, allowing more cottage time than usual. However you managed it, we hope you had a great summer with family and friends and at the cottage as much as possible.
So far, fall has been beautiful extending the swimming season and further opportunities to boat, tube, canoe and kayak.


Municipal Elections 2022

The municipal election is October 24th. Please take time to read the information found at these links.  We are so privileged to be able to vote!
Here are a few links to help you find information:

Apsley Grocery Delivery Program

Apsley is heading into another winter and spring without a local grocery store. A grocery delivery program has been organized in conjunction with Morello’s to support locals as well as the Community Care clients. For this to work at least 30 orders are required per week. If you will be in cottage country through the fall and winter, please consider participating.

Non-Perishable Food Donation

Do you have food at your cottage that you would like to donate?
North Kawartha Food Bank says, “We have had many inquiries from cottagers that are closing up for the season with regards to donating food. We understand that our hours may not be convenient for those that want to drop off non perishable food donations.We have put a bin at the NKCC to allow for easier drop off for those that may want to donate.Thank you for all those that have inquired about donating.”

Recap 2022

A recurring theme is that this summer was a getting back to normal.


The AGM was held in person on July 9th.  Highlights included thanks to Helen Yielding and Bill McRae for their many years of service as Area Directors, replaced by JP Pawliw and Rocky Dundas, respectively. We also welcomed new cottagers on the lake, and our guest speakers.
Presentation material and minutes can be found here: https://looncalllake.ca/lclca-agm-minutes/
The motion to improve the entrance from Highway 28 to Anstruther Lake Road was sent to the North Kawartha Mayor’s office. https://looncalllake.ca/anstruther-lake-road-and-hwy-28-motion/

Pandemic Paddle and Food Drive

We repeated the Pandemic Paddle and Food Drive, for the last time with this name.  Next year we will hold a Paddle and Food Drive, but with a different name. Any ideas? Send them to info@looncalllake.ca
Photos can be found here: https://looncalllake.ca/life-at-the-lake/pandemic-paddle-and-food-drive-2021-2022/

Regatta and Corn Roast

The Regatta and Corn Roast, and Raffle were celebrated with enthusiastic participation. So nice to get back to this tradition.
More photos here: https://looncalllake.ca/life-at-the-lake/annual-regatta-corn-roast/

North Kawartha Food Bank

Through these events food and funds were delivered to the North Kawartha Food Bank


The golf tournament was organized and ready to go, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating. Thanks for your work on this Scott Phillips, we’ll try again next summer.

Thanks to everyone who planned, organized and participated in this year’s events. 
You make Loon Call Lake a wonderful place to cottage.

North Kawartha

You can receive timely North Kawartha information by subscribing at this site. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to get timely, first hand information.

It is well worth visiting the web site to see all of the services available to you, including available drinking water at NKCC, emergency services during power outages, wi-fi, recreational programs, and so much more.

On The Water

Yard Waste

Please remember to take care with our lake. 
Rake away from the lake so that yard waste does not find its way to the lake.

FOCA Elerts

We encourage you to subscribe to Elerts here. We strongly encourage you to subscribe to get timely, firsthand information.

Loon Call Lake Status Report Fall 2022

by Jim Hartog

Hartog attended a NORKLA Lake Stewards meeting organized by Doug Wellman on Saturday, August 27, 2022 at the Wilson Community Centre on Northeys Bay Road.  The feature presentation was given by Dr. Nolan Pearce, who is with Trent University and is involved in the North Kawartha Lakes water sampling studies.  Other than the summer testing, Trent also conducts winter testing, and because of its characteristics, Loon Call Lake is one of the lakes that gets tested in the dead of winter.  A hole is drilled in the ice with an ice auger and an instrument is lowered that detects temperature, dissolved oxygen and takes water samples from the top just under the ice to the bottom.  Apparently, there is enough light getting through the snow/ice that algae can photosynthesize and produce oxygen in the one metre layer of water just under the ice.  Trent is also in the process of collecting historical data from previous studies done on the area lakes so that the old data can be compared to the data that is being presently collected. 

At the meeting, it was noted that the 2021 data from the Lake Partner Program still is not available.  The Loon Call Lake website will be updated with that data once it becomes published. 

In the round robin of area lake stewards commenting on their lakes, it was noted that the Lymantria dispar dispar moth did not survive the winter well.  We discussed the effect of spraying, the fungus and viral infections and the several very cold nights last winter.  The moth problem seems to be gone but expect it to be back some time in the future when conditions are right for the moth population to explode again.  In Hartog’s report at the meeting, he reported that everything seems to be “normal” with the lake. 

Boat wakes were discussed and the effect of “drawing down” lakes for the winter was a concern for one of the lakes that is involved in Trent/Severn water level control.  The headwater lakes are lowered so that spring runoff can fill the lakes instead of causing flooding down stream. 

Chandos Lake has had a dramatic, unexplained drop in their eurasian milfoil, an invasive species.  It was surmised that the cold winter may be part of the explanation.  Big Cedar Lake has given up trying to control their eurasion milfoil using the weevils.  Apparently, the weevils do not survive the winter well and the expense of buying new weevils year after year was prohibitive.

Chandos has also installed a boat cleaning station at their most popular boat landing near the beach.  It is a vacuum system that is solar powered and has a holding tank to collect the material picked up by the vacuum system.  The vacuum design means no wash water gets into the lake, the solar power means there is no connection to the grid and those costs.  The holding tank does have to be emptied when required keep the system operating.  The cost was very high but part of that was offset by a $10 000 grant from the North Kawartha council who deemed the project worthy.  Other than cost, another negative was finding volunteers to man the station during busy times to make sure everything is going as it should.

Three North Kawartha councillors were present at the meeting and when asked about the septic system inspection that appears to have stopped, they explained that COVID shelved the initiative but it will be up and running again once staff has been found to run the operation.  Staffing seems to be a problem in many areas of operation since the pandemic. 

On a high note, there was no mention of any new invasive species to look out for. 


Is your cottager information correct? Click this link to reach info@looncalllake.ca for a copy or to advise of any adjustments or corrections. Want to let us know about something? Click to email info@looncalllake.ca

Photo Credit: Ross Murray

Quick Notes of Interest

Hello Loon Call Lake Cottagers,

We hope your summer has been spectacular. We’re not ready to say goodbye to the summer of 2022 quite yet, but do have a few updates for you.  

Community Spirit

This summer, the Loon Call Lake Cottagers Association gathered together to help raise money and food for the NKFB. This summer’s events  were a few of the ways for residents of Loon Call Lake to socialize, reconnect with each other and benefit the community at the same time. Starting in July with the Pandemic Paddle, nonperishable food items were collected from participants as they paddled canoes, SUP boards, and kayaks around lake. In addition, the annual Regatta and Corn Roast pulled in a hefty sum  ($570) to donate to the North Kawartha Food Bank from many generous participants.

Diane and Jacques gratefully accepted the donations which were delivered to the North Kawartha FB in August to help support our NK community. 

Thanks to all of you … participants, attendees, organizers, and helpers …for your enthusuasm in making this a very successful Regatta and Corn Roast.  

Rained Out. Working on a Rain Date

Unfortunately, the golf tournament was rained out. We will update you if a rain date is possible. 
Thanks Scott for all you do for the Loon Call Lake community.

All candidates meeting on September 24th

This is your opportunity to ask questions. 

Be watchful of  turtles this time of year

Be Lake Friendly

From LakeFriendly.ca: “Water is our most precious resource. One of the most significant problems facing lakes, rivers, and streams today is an excess of nutrients entering our waterways. This causes an overgrowth of algae that is choking our waters, destroying habitats, and spoiling beaches. These nutrients can also be toxic to humans and animals. If this continues, our waters will not be able to recover.

We need to act now!

Please find reference material at lakefriendly.ca

Reminders and Requests for the upcoming Regatta and Corn Roast

Regatta and Corn Roast – July 30
See you there
All proceeds go to the Apsley Food Bank

  • Bring your own drinks and water (bottled water will not be provided this year)
  • As Covid is still in the air and this will be a large gathering, consider masking when possible.
  • Do you have items for the raffle? Contact Margi Colquhoun to let her know and to arrange for drop off. Tickets $5 each.
  • Is baking your super power? A table will be set up for goodies.
  • Corn Roast Tickets $5.   Free for kids 12 and younger
  • Do you need Volunteer Hours or just want to help out? We will need volunteers to clean up after the festivities.Let Jacquie Cane know.

Make this a day to remember!

Anstruther Lake Road and Hwy 28 Motion

The following request was sent to The Township of North Kawartha, Mayor Carolyn Amyotte, per the motion made at the Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Assocation AGM on July 9, 2022. (Some identifying information has been removed)

Margaret Colquhoun
President, Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association (LCLCA)

Mayor Carolyn Amyotte,
The Township of North Kawartha
280 Burleigh Street
P.O. Box 550
Apsley, Ontario
K0L 1A0

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for attending the Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association AGM held on July 9th.  It was a pleasure to have your participation as one of our guest speakers.

This letter is a follow up to the motion made during the meeting regarding the Anstruther Lake Road entrance from Hwy 28, with a request for the North Kawartha municipality to take action.

Motion: Calvin Northover – Motion to rework the Anstruther Lake Road guard rails and width of entry. Seconded: Leslie Guyatt. All members were in support of the motion. LCLCA Executive committed to taking the motion forward to the North Kawartha municipality.

Considerable discussion took place among cottager owners with the following comments:

  • The entrance is too narrow and the turn is too tight. Trucks have difficulty making the turn, especially if another vehicle is in the intersection
  • It is difficult to see the entrance from the highway when approaching from the south because of the configuration of the railing. It appears as one continuous guardrail.
  • It is a busy intersection owing to the Anstruther transfer station traffic, entrance to the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park and Anstruther Marina

Recommendations / possible actions could include:

  • widening the entrance,
  • creating turning lanes from Hwy 28 as well as Anstruther,
  • increasing visibility of guardrail markings, such that the break for Anstruther Road is easier to see

Thank you for your consideration. Please do keep us apprised of progress on this issue. Sincerely,
Margi Colquhoun

LCLCA AGM 2022 – Presentation and Minutes

The AGM was held on July 9, 2022 10am to noon, and was attended by over 50 members. It was great to see everyone after two years without an in person meeting.

We were pleased to host guest speakers Mayor Carolyn Amyotte and Paul Smith, Superindent of the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

The Cottage Tips poster and Membership lists were handed out. If you would like one, please reach out to info@looncalllake.ca as extra printouts are available.

Storm Impact – State of Emergency Declared

North Kawarthat Township has declared a State of Emergency in the aftermath of Saturday’s storm.

The storm on Saturday May 21, 2022 downed many trees, power lines and signage across Ontario and North Kawartha. Power went out on the lake at about 2:30-3:00pm. 

North Kawartha is sending updates and area information. You can see the current update and sign up for nofications at https://www.northkawartha.ca/en/news/storm-update.aspx

Please do take care and exercise caution if you are at the cottage or in the area.

Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association Newsletter – Spring – 2022 – Updated

Winter is behind us and we have had some marvelous spring days. Some of you have been to the cottage already and report that it is looking good in cottage country. We’re all looking forward to a fantastic 2022, I’m sure.


Update: We are planning an in person AGM this year, on Saturday July 9th (not July 2nd as previously communicated). Won’t it be nice to see so many people face to face. Details will be sent out in June. 



We are looking forward to reviving the Regatta and Corn Roast after the pandemic hiatus. Volunteers are welcome. Please contact Jacquie Cane (jacquiecane@gmail.com) if you would like to be part of the committee to make this happen!

Another Pandemic Paddle will be held this year. This time on Sunday, July 3rd (the day after the AGM). And, again this year, food donation for the Apsley Food Bank are welcome (photos of last year’s fun: pandemic-paddle-and-food-drive-2021).

We are looking at other events, and will announce them as they are organized.

Thanks again to everyone who planned, organized and participated in last year’s events. You make Loon Call Lake a wonderful place to cottage.

Cottage Association Fees

Thanks to everyone who paid their cottage association fees through these challenging years. They go toward the needs that don’t stop for a pandemic, among them, fundraisers for the North Kawartha community especially those needed with the loss of local grocery shopping; FOCA membership helping us to stay informed about cottage issues, invasive species, the planting palooza and shorelines health to name a few; and for the hosting fees for the web site.

It is never to early to send your 2022 fees (just $20) to our treasurer.

You can:

Cottager List

Do you need your cottage neighbour’s contact information – email info@looncalllake.ca  to find out how to get it.

Lost and Found?

Have you lost something? Found something? You can post on the LooncallLakeCottagersAssociation facebook page ). You can also email info@looncalllake.ca and we’ll post on the Loon Call Lake web site.

Have you found what you lost? Has the lost item found its owner? Let us know and we’ll take the notices down.

On the Water


A new by-law is in effect. Please read By-Law 2021-0118 (Fireworks By-Law) to become familiar with the regulations. Remember, fireworks are not permitted in the park. In addition, the by-law limits when fireworks can be discharged.

Spongy Moths (previously LDD Moths/Gypsy Moths)

We did not organize spraying this year. We are hoping the cold winter temperatures helped to keep the species in check. We will find out in the coming weeks. In any case, let’s hope this is the last bad year.

North Kawartha

Fines doubled: Two new community safety zones have been set up on Hwy 28 through North Kawartha Township. If you’re caught speeding in either of these zones, your fines will be doubled. 

Sayers Foods: Construction has begun, with the outlook that Apsley will once again have a full grocery store by January or February 2023! Great news for the community.

Waste Management: Please remember to use clear plastic bags for your garbage.

Stay Informed: Receive timely North Kawartha information by subscribing at this site.

FOCA Elerts

We encourage you to subscribe to Elerts here to get informative, helpful cottage country  information .

Questions? Requests? Feedback? email info@looncalllake.ca

Watch out for the wildlife
See you on the Lake!
Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association

Thanks from North Kawartha Foodbank

Message from the North Kawartha Foodbank upon receiving the Golf Tournament donation:

Hi Scott:

Thank you for your recent donation to the North Kawartha Food Bank through Canada Helps.  Your generosity and thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. We hope the participants at the Looncall Lake Golf Tournament had an amazing day.

This gift will be used to help benefit those individuals and families in need of assistance by providing food and other basic supplies as per our mandate. The North Kawartha Food Bank Inc. operates on a totally volunteer basis.

Best regards,
Diane Rothnie, Treasurer,
North Kawartha Food Bank Inc.

North Kawartha Food Bank
135 Burleigh St. PO Box 641 Apsley, Ontario Tuesday and Friday from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM 705-656-3820

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all