Loon Call Lake Governance

Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association Executive

Executive 2023

PresidentMargaret Colquhoun(647) 330-6566president@looncalllake.ca
Vice PresidentHenry Decock(647) 618-2594vicepresident@@looncalllake.ca
TreasurerJacquie Canetreasurer@looncalllake.ca
Communications/SecretaryVickie Hartogsecretary@looncalllake.ca
Lake StewardJim Hartog(905) 430-3584lakesteward@looncalllake.ca
Member at LargeBreanne Wellsmemberatlarge1@looncalllake.ca
Member at LargeJames Boydmemberatlarge2@looncalllake.ca

Area Directors 2023

LotsFire Route Name Phoneemail
1 to 7 &
XO’s 1 to 4
55 &
Rocky Dundas(647) 680-0546areadirector1@looncalllake.ca
8 to 2755JP Pawliw(705) 931-3902areadirector3@looncalllake.ca
28 to 3958FMargaret Adkins(705) 868-6537areadirector4@looncalllake.ca
40 to 5258FSue and Ross Murrayplease use emailareadirector5@looncalllake.ca
53 to 6458G &
Leslie or Neil Guyatt(705) 656-3446areadirector6@looncalllake.ca
65 to 68 &
57 &
Heather Thornton(705) 656-7307areadirector7@looncalllake.ca
69 to 7757AReiner Stimming(705) 656-8435areadirector8@looncalllake.ca

Loon Call Lake Road Association Executive

Road Presidents 2023

55Patti Shanefr55@looncalllake.ca
57Tom Parsons(705) 656-7307fr57@looncalllake.ca
58DLeslie Guyatt(705) 656-3446fr58d@looncalllake.ca
58FJohn McGrathplease use emailfr58f@looncalllake.ca
58GJohn McGrathplease use emailfr58g@looncalllake.ca

Past Executive

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Years RoleName
xxxx – PresentPresident Margaret Colquhoun
xxxx – xxxxPresidentMalcolm Martini
xxxx – xxxxPresidentBrian Webster
xxxx – xxxx PresidentDave Yielding
xxxx – xxxxPresidentCharlie Taylor
xxxx – xxxx Lake Steward
xxxx – xxxx Lake StewardFranz Mueller
xxxx – xxxx Lake StewardWeezie ________
xxxx – 2019SecretarySyd Bowcott
Past Executive