Photos at the Lake

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The Other Milkweed Caterpillar

Have you seen these little orange and black caterpillars in milkweed? Completely harmless Milkweed Tussock Caterpillar / Moth (unless, of course, you are milkweed 🙂)

Photo credit Henry Decock

A Beautiful Summer Day on the Lake

Thanks to Leslie Guyatt for these tranquil scenes.

Tree Cattle or Bark Lice

Have you ever seen these unique striped bugs? They are called bark lice or tree cattle. They are not harmful to trees as they clean the bark. Thanks to Sue and Ross Murray for the photos and research

Lightning Strike at Windy Point

July 5, 2021 approx 7pm

Cottaging 2021 Style

Gypsy moths, pandemic physically distanced activities

Winter at the Lake – 2021

Loons at the Lake – 2020

Loons Entering the Bay
Loons Leaving the Bay

Fire at the Lake -2020

Miscellaneous Photos at the Lake