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North Kawartha Township News – Turtle Crossing Alert

6/6/2024 9:39:46 AM

Please be aware of turtles crossing roads through North Kawartha, especially during warmer months. Your safety and the safety of other drivers is top priority. If you see a turtle on the road, please do not stop your car in the middle of the road or walk into direct traffic.

When handling smaller turtles, gently pick them up behind their front legs and move them in the direction they were heading. Snapping turtles can be aggressive, so use something long and sturdy to guide them to their destination.

If you cannot stop to help a crossing turtle, please try to avoid hitting the turtles by slowing down and steering around them, where possible. Cautious driving can help protect the turtles!

If you find an injured turtle, contact the Ontario Turtle Conversation Centre at 705-741-5000. They operate a turtle hospital that treats and released injured turtles.

Drive carefully North Kawartha and help our adorable, shelled friends cross the road safety!
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Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Website
Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre Location:
4-1434 Chemong Road, Selwyn, ON, K9J 6X2
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