Being Safe, Being Prepared

Readiness is the key to safety. Please print and post this page at your cottage in a visible location. Inform any guests, visitors and renters of this information during your orientation.

Please remember, you are responsibility for your own safety and well being. Assess your surroundings and determine conditions before engaging in any activities on the lake.

Emergency / Critical Phone Numbers

ContactPhone Number
Emergency (OPP, Fire, Forest Fire, Bear, Ambulance)911
Crime Stoppers1-800-222-TIPS
(705) 656-4445
1-888-310-1133 TTY
Apsley Medical Centre(705) 656-4281
Hospital for Sick Children(416) 813-1500
Peterborough Family Health Team(705) 651-4866
Peterborough Regional Health Centre(705) 743-2121
Poison Info Centre1-800-268-9017
Quinte Health Centre (QHC) Bancroft(613) 332-2825
Township Office(705) 656-4445
Bear sightingsNon-Emergency:
Hydro One1-800-434-1235
Emergency / Critical Phone Numbers

Water Safety

Take a First Aid / CPR course. It could save a life.

Play safe in the water. For reference material on water safety, go to


You are responsible as a boater to understand and adhere to boating rules and regulations, and to assess boating conditions.

  • Canada requires some boats to be licensed. You need to check if this applies to you.
  • Canada requires all operators of pleasure craft to show proof of competency.
  • Canada has horsepower restrictions for youth. You need to check if this applies to you.
  • Note Loon Call Lake is a very rocky lake. Not all rocks are marked. The water level can also go up and down over a foot so rocks not visible this week could be a problem next week.
  • Be respectful of swimmers, kayakers, canoeists, etc. be aware of your wake and give them a wide berth.
  • Stay as far away as possible from docks so as not to have your wake swamp the dock.
  • Respect other cottagers and do not use their docks or shoreline.

Informative links:

Recreational Vehicles

It is your responsibility to understand and follow North Kawartha By-Laws and Ontario Ministry laws, rules and regulations when operating a recreational vehicle, whether riding on your own private property on in public permitted areas. Respect other cottagers and vehicles wherever you travel.

Informative links:

Fire Safety

Fire permits are required for cottagers that wish to have campfires or brush fires. These permits can be obtained online or in person at various locations. All the rules and regulations are on the printed permit. Every once in a while, when there is a severe drought, a fire ban will be issued. The fire ban will be advertised on the radio, with a sign on the Anstruther Lake Road, and on the township website. You can also subscribe to get email notification of fire bans by going to

Fireworks are banned in the Park.

Fire permits are available online at

Fire permits are available in person at the following locations.

  • Woodview General Store, 6220 Highway 28, Woodview
  • Anstruther Marina, FR 63, Anstruther Lake
  • Municipal Office, 280 Burleigh Street, Apsley

Use all fire prevention procedures at the cottage that you use at home. E.g. fire detectors, CO detectors, fire extinguishers and a fire safety plan.

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Bear Safety

We share Loon Call Lake with the bears. It is important that you not invite bears to your cottage, and if you encounter a bear that you know what to do.

  • Do not attract bears: Do not leave food, food waste, barbeques, scented items, bird feeders outdoors.
  • Prepare: Take a whistle and bell when walking in cottage country. Review safety measures.
  • If you encounter a black bear: Stop. Do not panic. Remain calm. Slowly back away keeping the bear in sight. Make noise with whistle or bell.
  • If you would like to report a bear problem, call 1-866-514-2327.
  • In a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Informative links with detailed information can be found here…. be prepared by making this material available at your cottage: