Loon Call Lake – Late Spring Newsletter – 2021


AGM 2021

The AGM will be held via Zoom on June 9th at 7:30pm with the assistance of FOCA. You will receive an email with a link to the meeting.   You will need to identify yourself using your name and cottage lot number to gain access to the meeting.


  • Welcome & Introduction – Margi Colquhoun
  • FOCA backgrounder and updates – FOCA Rep
  • Business
    • Treasurer’s Report – Janice Manias
    • Dues for 2021 – Margi Colquhoun
    • Vote for Treasurer – Margi Colquhoun
  • 2021 events:
    • June:  Planting Palooza – Henry Decock
      • Shoreline Health – Margi Colquhoun
    • August: Pandemic Paddle and Food Drive – Breanne Hunt-Wells
    • As Available: Music on the Dock by Drew Phillips – Breanne Hunt-Wells
  • Water Quality – Jim Hartog
  • Web Site and Communications – Vickie Hartog
  • Closing Remarks – Margi Colquhoun
  • FOCA – Lake Associations in Actions! Video – FOCA Rep

Other topics? Please advise by replying to this email if you have additional topics you would like to have covered.

Treasurer Wanted

We are looking for a new treasurer and will be holding the vote during the AGM. If you are interested in joining an active, caring executive, please let Margi know by calling or emailing president@looncalllake.ca

On the Water

Planting Palooza – June 19, 2021

By Henry Decock

Save the date: June 19th

The Loon Call Cottager’s Association Executive was successful in acquiring a $500 Love Your Lake Micro Grant in support of the Planting Palooza, a one-day event in June to promote the health and preservation of our shoreline. The Executive will purchase two to three plants, depending on pricing and availability, for each of the participating properties on Loon Call Lake. On the announced day, cottagers will pick up their plants and instructions from a designated dock; then everyone will plant at the same specified time. We are asking for people to take pictures and submit them for a random draw to win additional plants. More details will follow at the AGM.

You may recall our participation in the Love Your Lake program and receiving a lake and your individual property report. The Planting Palooza is a continuation of our commitment to increase awareness of the naturalization of shorelines to enhance the quality of our lake. It will be a day when members of the Loon Call community can engage in some fun together and help promote the best environmental practices.   

A poll is now open for you to indicate your participation and to select your bundle. If you are on a relatively level piece of property with open space, you would select the shoreline bundle to revitalize the land. If your access to the water is steep with rocks and trees, you can still participate by selecting the sun-loving bundle to enhance your property.  Link to poll: Planting Palooza – Plant Selection

You can read more about the micro-grant program here

Plants for this event were purchased at Grow Wild Nursery in Omemee.   Many thanks also to Grow Wild Nursery for donating the shoreline planting prize valued at $50 for the planting draw. Any cottager who submits a photo of their planting party by midnight Saturday June 26th will be entered in the draw to be held Sunday June 27th.

More info will be shared at the AGM on June 9th.

Other Events in the Works

2nd Annual Pandemic Paddle and Food Drive; and Music on the Dock.
More to come in the AGM and future newsletters.


Apsley and Sayers

By Breanne Hunt-Wells

You may be wondering about Sayers and what food is available in Apsley. We understand planning is underway for the rebuild of Sayers, but at present do not have specific details.

In the meantime, Hunter’s General Store is available for many basics. In addition to typical variety store merchandise, (ie. Candy, Newpapers, etc.) they offer:

  • Staples: milk, coffee cream, eggs, some cheese, butter, coffee, tea
  • Other food items: wieners, pop, ketchup, cereal, canned  soup, pickles and
  • Baked goods: bread, hamburger and hot dog buns, packaged cakes and pies.  

It is basically first come first serve as there is a limited supply but if pressed you wouldn’t starve. J

Through the pandemic and fire, Apsley’s spirit remains high, with the Spread the Love campaign in April, showing town support with painted hearts on the fence surrounding the Sayers property

North Kawartha

You can receive timely North Kawartha information by subscribing at this site.

REMINDER: Fireworks are prohibited

Since we are in a provincial park, you need to be aware of the rules. “Possession or use of fireworks is prohibited in provincial parks at all times. They constitute a fire hazard and disturb visitors and wildlife who wish to enjoy the park in a peaceful manner.”  The full set of rules can be found here: ontarioparks.com/park/www.blueflag.ca/rules 

FireworkMinimum Fine
Possess fireworks$100.00
Ignite fireworks$150.00

NOTICE: Firearms Regulations and Limitations

By Jim Hartog

It has been noted that individuals are discharging firearms in the Park. The regulations that cover firearms in the park, for those of you who are not aware, is summarized below:

Section 9(2) of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 (https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/97f41)  states “A person shall not possess in a provincial park or Crown reserve a firearm, trap, other hunting or trapping device or explosive.”

Section 9(3) says that there are exceptions.  Since hunting is allowed in the Kawartha Highlands Park, the exceptions apply. 

The complete rules re firearms, with the exceptions, can be found in Regulation 347 made under the Provincial Parks Conservation Reserves Act  (https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/070347).  This can also be found at O. Reg. 347/07. 

35.  No person shall use or display a firearm in a provincial park other than,
a) a peace officer in the lawful execution of his or her duties,
b) an employee in the Ministry or an agent of the Ministry for the purpose of wildlife management and control,
c) a person lawfully hunting under the authority of 9(3) of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997,
d) a person authorized by the superintendent to use a firearm in a provincial park

From the Regulations, section 35:

Suspected firearms violations can be reported to 1-877-847-7667, which is the Conservation Officer tip line if you think it is necessary.  It is not a good idea to investigate gun fire yourself.

FOCA Elerts

  • The April Elert can be found here. 
  • Topics of interest
    • Stay at Home Order
    • High Speed Internet
    • Upcoming Webinars
    • And much more
  • We encourage you to subscribe to Elerts here.

Gypsy Moth Spraying

Planning and preparation is underway for the spraying. Zimmer has made the following site with map available so you can check when spraying is expected on your property. https://zimmerair.com/services/aerial-application-services/forest-pest-control/

Current expected spraying in our area is the May 17-22nd timeframe.

Cottage Life Show

The Cottage Live show is virtual this year. Check it out here until May 31st.

Welcome back to the cottage!
On behalf of the Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association Executive may you have a safe and healthy 2021 cottaging season!

Margi Colquhoun, President

Loon Call Lake – Spring Newsletter – 2021

March 26, 2021

Image credit: Henry Decock

Breaking News

North Kawartha will require clear bags for garbage starting June 1st.  For more information read here


We will be assessing options for the AGM in 2021 and will update you in the next newsletter. Any thoughts are appreciated, just reply to this email using subject line “AGM Thoughts”


REMINDER: Fireworks are prohibited

Since we are in a provincial park, you need to be aware of the rules. “Possession or use of fireworks is prohibited in provincial parks at all times. They constitute a fire hazard and disturb visitors and wildlife who wish to enjoy the park in a peaceful manner.”  The full set of rules can be found here: ontarioparks.com/park/www.blueflag.ca/rules 

FireworksMinimum Fine
Possess fireworks$100.00
Ignite fireworks$150.00

Cottager List

Do you need your cottage neighbour’s contact information – use the Contact Us form to find out how to get it.

On the Water

Your Loon Call Lake Executive have been busy these past few months looking for and applying for grants that can help our lake. As a result, we have applied for a Phragmites Invasive Species educational grant and are in the process of applying for a Love Your Lake grant to help with shorelands.

Phragmites – Invasive Species – Not Decorations

Pronounced frag-maits (American) or (British) frag-ˈmī-ˌtēz (British)
Image credit: Invading Species web site

In March we applied for a grant to increase awareness of Phragmites invasive species.

We want to increase awareness of the invasive nature of phragmites

It takes very little to propagate phragmites and a lot of work to remove them, so although they may look decorative, please do not bring them to the cottage. And if they are at the cottage, take them back to the city.

While we were not successful at receiving the grant we encourage you to become familiar with the educational material available and make it available to visitors and renters as well.

For further Phragmites information visit this link.

Love Your Lake

We have submitted an application for funding with which we will purchase plants and host a PPP (Pandemic Planting Palooza). Stay tuned for more information in the next newsletter.

A little bit more about the program:

  • The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF), in partnership with Watersheds Canada, is thrilled to announce that lake groups who have participated in Love Your Lake are eligible to receive funding. Lake groups can receive up to $500 per group to improve freshwater health. The Love Your Lake Microgrant Program will provide funding for shoreline naturalization projects that positively impact lake health such as shoreline restoration and demonstration sites. 
  • Projects should demonstrate the support and involvement of lake community members taking action towards improving and maintaining shoreline and lake health, such as, community members distributing native plants, helping design garden layouts or planting native plant species along shoreline areas.

You can read more about the microgrant program here

Bancroft Area Stewardship Council Plants

If you are interested in purchasing plants, there are many resources, BASCl is just one of them, enabling you to get shoreline bundles easily and at a good price. Please see this link for details.

FOCA Elerts

  • The February Elert can be found here.  Of particular interest is the information regarding the change to electricity rates to eliminate seasonal rates. It’s a done deal, we are now into the rollout details.
  • The March Elert can be found here. Of interest in this Elert is FOCA’s strategic plan for 2021 – 2023 for:
    • promoting healthy lands, lakes and rivers
    • advocating for responsive government
    • serving local lake and road associations
    • championing affordable and safe rural living
    • fostering community, and
    • building FOCA’s capacity.

We encourage you to subscribe to Elerts here.

North Kawartha

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Gypsy Moths

You should have sent your contract back to Zimmer Air if you are planning on being sprayed. Thanks to Vickie for working with Zimmer Air for stick handling our cottager list with them.

Cottage Life Show

The Cottage Live show is virtual this year. Check it out here

Be Careful – Ice on shorelines

With warm weather and windy conditions, be watchful and wary of ice conditions. For information about water levels for the lakes surrounding Loon Call, this is a good site to visit: www.pc.gc.ca/en/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/info/infonet

Winter at the Cottage

Many of our Loon Call Lake cottagers have been enjoying winter at the cottage this year. It is quite a different experience than in summer, with the peaceful quiet and vastly different winter activities.

Photo credits: Brian Webster / Margi Colquhoun

And here, for your enjoyment, an excerpt from Henry Decock’s blog that says it all:

Oh! Canada
This weekend, I finally got my good rink and a vigorous skate. The entire lake became my ice playground and I lived my dream skating experience.

For the full entry, follow this link.

Photo credits: Henry Decock

More photos can be found on the Loon Call Lake web site by clicking here.  If you have photos, please let us know through the Contact Us form and we will put them on the web site.

Two Winter Topics

Species at Risk

Funding is available from Ontario to help preserve plants, insects, fish and wildlife throughout the province.

For full details, visit   https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/59869/ontario-enhancing-protection-for-species-at-risk. If you are at a loss for ideas, the site includes suggestions for how funding could be used. 

Applications for funding for the 2021-2022 Species at Risk Stewardship Program are now open. 
Individuals, communities and organizations have until 3 p.m. on February 9, 2021, to apply.

Please go ahead and apply directly. 

Final Call – Gypsy Moth Spraying

We are finalizing the commitments for Gypsy Moth Spraying.

If you have not provided your ROLL number or you have reconsidered and would like to do Gypsy Moth Spraying, please complete the survey here. 

This will be the final Loon Call Lake communication on this topic. You can go direct to Zimmer if you wish.

Contracts must must be completed by March 31st. 

Counting the days until it’s cottage weather again,
your Loon Call Lake Executive

Drew Phillips Presents…

Performing and Giving

Loon Call Lake’s own Drew Phillips, Lot 7, did a fundraising virtual concert on Saturday, Dec 19 with all proceeds going towards the North Kawartha Food Bank. $2,004 was raised and forwarded to the food bank.

What an treat to have Drew in the Loon Call Lake family.

Thanks for all you do!

News Bulletin #4 – Sayers Foods Fire

Loon Call Lake Cottager’s Association Support Survey

We have created a survey for you to take to determine Loon Call Lake Cottager’s Association support for the Apsley community following the Sayers Foods Fire.  Please respond once per cottage property. 

When more than 42 unique responses confirm support (50% of the cottages) we will proceed with a contribution to the North Kawartha Foodbank. 

Please take the survey here.

Updated Information – Support for the Apsley Community

Community Care Will Be a Lifeline and Asks for Assistance in Apsley

The fire at Sayers Food Town in Apsley has left many residents in the Township of North Kawartha, who are without transportation, unable to access food and a supply of regular groceries.

Community Care which already offers Meals on Wheels, grocery delivery and transportation support throughout North Kawartha is offering to further subsidize these programs to ensure that all residents who need financial or access help, can get the food supplies they need.

“We never stopped supporting our clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we will continue to support the residents of Apsley and this Township through this too,” said Danielle Belair – Executive Director of Community Care. “Our program office in Apsley will assist residents who are unable to drive, those who do not own a vehicle or will struggle to pay to travel to Buckhorn, Bancroft or Lakefield to buy groceries by coordinating volunteer drivers to take residents shopping or delivering groceries to them.”

With the nearest alternatives being 40 kilometres southwest to Buckhorn, 45 kilometres north to Bancroft or 50 kilometres south of the village of Lakefield, the cost to travel to these locations ranges between $30 to $50 to get groceries.

“We will also provide meals through our Meals on Wheels to help bridge the need,” added Belair. “Community Care is here as a lifeline and I would encourage those who can to join us as we support this community.”

Be A Lifeline


Community Care’s client services team has been working hard to come up with solutions to aid residents.

  • Hamilton Bus Lines is donating the gas and driver to provide free bus transportation on Tuesdays and Fridays to Bancroft for residents to purchase their groceries. Pick up spots will be outside the Community Care office in Apsley located at 126 Burleigh Street and North Kawartha Community Centre located at 340 McFadden Rd, starting Friday, December 11th.

“This bus transport is available for all residents at no charge,” said Sarah McCall – Community Care’s Community Development Coordinator in Apsley. “Community Care will coordinate all the scheduling for these drives.”

  • Community Care’s Caremobile will also be providing transportation every Wednesday for residents at these pick up locations who might require accessible transportation options.

“We will be able to transport people to either Bancroft or Lakefield with the Caremobile, depending on the need,” added McCall.

  • Volunteer drivers will also be available to accommodate any special requests.

“We will do our best to accommodate any special needs or requests with our volunteer drivers.

For people who live outside Apsley, who need help to get to one of the scheduled bus pick up locations, our volunteer drivers will assist by getting people to town,” said McCall. “They have been reaching out to us, wanting to help,” said McCall.

  • Shopping buddies are ready to help too.

“If someone needs assistance getting their groceries, we have some volunteers who are ready to assist with this too,” added McCall.

  • Frozen Meals on Wheels options will be made available for anyone with an immediate need.

“We have frozen meals in our freezer and we can make them available to anyone who needs immediate support,” said McCall.

Community Care will act as the hub to coordinate and schedule these free transportation services and access to meals.

For more information, call Community Care at (705)656-4589 or visit www.commcareptbo.org/BeALifeline.

Media Contacts:

Sarah McCall, Community Development Coordinator – Apsley, Community Care, (705)656-4589, smccall@commcareptbo.org, www.commcareptbo.org

Catherine Pink, Director, Support Services, Community Care, (705)742-7067, ext. 204, cpink@commcareptbo.org, www.commcareptbo.org

Alicia Vandine, Donor Relations and Communications Lead, Community Care, avandine@commcareptbo.org, (705)775-3083, ext 224, www.commcareptbo.org

Danielle Belair, Executive Director, Community Care, dbelair@commcareptbo.org, (705)775-3083, ext. 210, www.commcareptbo.org


Mayor Carolyn Amyotte’s facebook is @mayoramyotte, should you wish to follow her for this and other news in North Kawartha and cottage country.

The North Kawartha facebook page can be found here.  Updated information is posted there as well as on the North Kawartha web site.

News Bulletin #3 – Sayers Foods Fire

Further update from North Kawartha Public Notice 

Township of North Kawartha

The Economic Development Co-operative of North Kawartha (EDCNK) met virtually with the Sayers family, the Mayor, Township CAO and various community leaders on Sunday Dec 6, 2020 to begin formulating a community response and action plan to deal with the loss of Sayers Foods, Apsley and North Kawartha’s only grocery store. The immediate outpouring of support from so many has been overwhelming and humbling.

A task force has been created to mobilize volunteers and donations and is gathering information on next steps. Stay tuned for updates.

For residents with immediate food insecurity: please call the North Kawartha Food Bank at: (705) 656-1748 and for any assistance with shopping and/or transportation please call Community Care at (705) 656-4589.

For further inquiries, please contact North Kawartha’s Economic Development Officer, Chris Challenger at; (705)-656-5152.

On behalf of the Sayers, Apsley and North Kawartha we want to thank everyone for all the offers of assistance and appreciate your patience and understanding as we get organized to respond to this challenge.


Mayor Carolyn Amyotte’s facebook is @mayoramyotte, should you wish to follow her for this and other news in North Kawartha and cottage country.

The North Kawartha facebook page can be found here.

Repeat Info: Message from the North Kawartha Foodbank

Thank you for reaching out to us. At the present time, monetary donations enable us to purchase the staples that we need to assist the additional and ongoing families in need of food supplies. The full effects of the devastating fire will be revealed as we move forward. We will be meeting today via Zoom to discuss this further with the Sayers family, local politicians and concerned citizens. Donations may be made via e-transfer directly into our bank account. Please use the “message” section to enter your address so that we may recognize the donation with a tax receipt.

Thank you again for your offer of support in this community tragedy. Together we will get through this.

Diane Rothnie, Treasurer

The email address to use for fund transfers is: northkawarthafoodbank@gmail.com