Loon Call Lake Cottagers’ Association Newsletter – Fall – 2021

September 30, 2021


It was a beautiful summer at Loon Call and we hope you enjoyed many happy times on the lake.

Fall is a perfect time to try out the new park hiking trail which starts almost across from the public landing and is well-signed. It is about 3k long and requires solid shoes as it is a bit rugged in spots. The scenery and trail highlights are worth the walk.


We anticipate an in person AGM in 2022 on the July long weekend as normal. We will keep you posted.


Recap 2021

We enjoyed a busy summer on Loon Call Lake, despite continued Covid restrictions and LDD moths (formerly known as Gypsy Moths).

The year started with the AGM, held as a Zoom call.

This was quickly followed by the Planting Palooza [photo], funded by “A Love Your Lake” program. Check out the beautiful results of the planting. (More photos: planting-palooza-and-shoreline-photos)

Next on the agenda was Music on the Dock, provided by Drew Phillips, who along with cottagers donated $1010 to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.  At least 70 parties enjoyed Drew’s music and we are all grateful for his talent and generosity.  (More photos: music-on-the-dock-2021).

For the August long weekend, we held the second Pandemic Paddle, with substantial food donations gratefully received by the Apsley Food Bank  (more photos: /pandemic-paddle-and-food-drive-2021).

The summer events concluded with the Loon Call Lake Golf Tournament, organized by Scott Phillips. Donations of $423 from the tournament fees and prize donations were made to the North Kawartha Food Bank. (More photos: 1st-annual-golf-tournament-2021)

Thanks to everyone who planned, organized and participated in this year’s events. You make Loon Call Lake a wonderful place to cottage.

Cottager List

Do you need your cottage neighbour’s contact information – email info@looncalllake.ca  to find out how to get it.

On the Water

Loon Call Lake Status Report Fall 2021

By Jim Hartog

After a COVID 19 hiatus, spring water testing was done in May through the Lake Partner Program.  The lake was sampled for the total phosphorus content, calcium levels and chloride ion levels.  The chloride ion test is something relatively new and it is meant to monitor the effect of runoff into the lakes from winter road salting.  The salinity numbers from the last few years actually shows our numbers decreasing.

Secchi readings have been taken throughout the summer and I will probably be able to get a couple more this fall.  The numbers are not as high as our best years but we still look pretty good.  The 2021 average to date is about 4.2 metres. 

The Trent University water testing will continue and the results will be presented in a scaled down format.  Much of the data collected only means something to a PhD in freshwater ecology so a lot of what we were receiving was simply mystifying.  We will now be getting data that is relevant to water quality and easily understood although some of it is redundant to the spring LPP data.  The full range of testing will continue to satisfy the scientific community. 

FOCA Lake Steward Newsletter

The FOCA Lake Steward Newsletter arrived at my house with a couple of interesting items in one article.  The zebra mussel/spiny water flea testing, which used to be coordinated by OFAH, has been resurrected by FOCA  and ISC (Invasive Species Centre) which has a lab in Sault Ste. Marie.  New funding has been found to run the program again.  Twenty five at-risk lakes were selected (Loon Call is not at-risk) that had a FOCA membership to sample the lakes using volunteers.  The other interesting item in the same article was that environmental DNA (eDNA) which comes from shed cells from sloughed skin, excrement, carcasses, etc can be detected in the environment (from a water sample) and the origin of the DNA can be ascertained.  No need to find the eggs, larva or adult, the DNA will tell you what is in the lake!  This is still in the early stages, but likely will be the new way to sample for invasive species or check on populations of endangered species.

LDD Moths

Just a reminder, spraying is not planned for 2022. Click for suggestions of what you can do about LDD – Lymantria dispar dispar  on page 19 of the July edition of Apsley Backroads.

Invasive Aquatic Species

A new threat is in the water…From Mayor Carolyn Ayotte… “Invasive Aquatic Plants are on the rise in several local lakes and I went to Big Cedar Lake to meet some local residents and talk about their efforts to control invasive water plants- in particular Starry Stonewort. This particular ‘weed’ is actually a macro alga which form large dense mats in the water up to 9ft in depth. It reduces biodiversity, degrades fish habitat and restricts movement of aquatic wildlife.“

Please read the full article and watch the accompanying video at: https://myemail.constantcontact.com/The-latest-news-for-you-for-Fall-2021-in-North-Kawartha.html?soid=1113912725725&aid=eNvWJSqVIZg

North Kawartha

You can receive timely North Kawartha information by subscribing at this site.

FOCA Elerts

We encourage you to subscribe to Elerts here.

LCLCA Golf Tournament Success

It was a fantastic day for golf, friends, food and fun. The tournament was so well organized, even the weather cooperated (the weather forecasts are not to be trusted in 2021).

Prizes were awarded for best scored, highest score, closest to the pin and a putting tournament. But, the biggest winner was the Kawartha Food Bank with $423 donated from the fees and individuals.

We do hope this becomes an annual event!

Be Wake Aware – from FOCA

FOCA is very proud to launch the new Be #WakeAware campaign, together with our partners at the Muskoka Lakes Association and Safe Quiet Lakes.

Boaters need to be #WakeAware to ensure ALL lake or river users are able to enjoy the water safely and sustainably. Any wake near shore can cause issues for loons, docks, shorelines, swimmers and other small craft users.
Large wake users are encouraged to take their fun to the middle of large lakes. Avoid narrow, shallow or near-shore areas, and watch behind you to understand your wake impact.

All small powerboat users can help, too, by always reducing speed to 10 km/hr or less within 30m of shore, and by getting up to plane quickly when transitioning from slow to high speed.
We all have a role to play in being #WakeAware.

Do your part: Please visit the campaign webpage, share the link and #WakeAware hashtag on your own social networks, websites and community groups, and circulate this message to everyone you know who loves the waterfront in Ontario: www.BeWakeAware.com

Video: https://youtu.be/X3bYBPbP0qk


The Pandemic Paddle

The 2nd Annual Pandemic Paddle was a bit grey, but the rain held off and we had a great time seeing friends, old and new. Click here to see more of the fun!


💰 Please remember to send annual cottage fees to jacquiecane@gmail.com. Identify your name and lot number in your e-transfer comment

First Ever Golf Tournament – Register Now

Register for the August Golf Tournament. Email golf@looncalllake.ca or call Scott and Laurie Phillips. Let them know the names of your golfers and non-golfers.

LDD and the Natural Shorelines

What to do about LDD – Lymantria dispar dispar(previously referred to as Gypsy Moths)! Click here for this month’s edition of Apsley Backroads for tips.

Natural Shorelines: This month’s edition of Apsley Backroads also includes a feature on natural shorelines, a topic near and dear to the hearts of anyone who participated in our planting palooza in June. Please send photos of your plants as they begin to bloom this year or in future years.

Photos at the Lake

Have you heard of Tree Cattle?
Did you know about the lightning strike at Windy Point?
What does tranquility look like?
Click here for a peek

Send photos to info@looncalllake.ca  We love to share them.

Phragmite Risk

We spoke of phragmites at the AGM. Click here for additional information. Please do be careful!

‘It’ll wreak havoc for wildlife’: An invasive plant is threatening Canada’s northern wetlands
Recognized as Canada’s worst invasive plant over a decade ago, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is warning that phragmites are starting to threaten the country’s northern wetlands, raising concerns for species that live in these habitats.”

Anyone for a Round of Golf?

Yet another 2021 event!

A Golf Tournament is in the works! 

Saturday August 28th, 2021  10:50am – 3:30pm
Woodview Golf Course 
Best Ball – 9 Hole

BBQ Lunch: following golf (hot dog/hamburger/potato salad)
Extras: you arrange with the golf course for a fee: Cart/pull cart, club rental

Cost for golfers: $40/person for green fees, BBQ, prizes, and donation to Apsley Food Bank
Cost for non-golfers: $14/person for BBQ and a donation to Apsley Food Bank

Thanks to Scott Phillips who kicked this off and is organizing the tournament!

It’s Tee Time

Pandemic Paddle and Food Drive – 2021

Next event for 2021 is the Pandemic Paddle and Food Drive on July 31st.

Paddle around the lake and say a physically distanced hello to your neighbours.

Please remember to drop non-perishable foods at any of the following docks
2 (Decock)
32 (Hunt-Wells)
36 (Hartog)
60 (Colquhoun-Webster)
70 (Cane)

Pandemic Paddle 2021

The Planting Palooza was Pleasant

What a beautiful day. Cottagers paddled to various docks for plant pickup. There were more fun and photos as they planted. It was nice to get out and see cottage neighbours (physically distanced, of course) once again.

Looking forward to seeing the results as we paddle around the lake this summer and in years to come.

Reminder to send photos to info@looncalllake.ca by June 26th, for the draw on June 27th.
(photos are posted when they arrive)

The Planting Palooza is Upon Us

Pickup: Saturday June 19th 10:00 am -11:00 am

LotPickup Point
1, 2, 3, 6, 72 – Henry
15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 2522 – JP
28, 32, 35, 3636 – Vickie
41, 42, 43, 44, 4949 – Sue
51, 55, 57, 60, 62, 63, 6560 – Brian
66, 67, 70, 71, 7370 – Jacquie
Summary of pickup points

Send planting pictures to info@looncalllake.ca by June 26th to be entered into the draw on June 27th.