Cottage Tips – Being a Good Cottager

Please review and adopt these 16 Tips for

Cottaging More Lightly – 2019 Draft Revision

  1. Do Not use soap in the lake…ever. Biodegradable soap only breaks down on land, not in the water. Stock up on greener cleaners. The Park prohibits soaping in the Lake.
  2. Reduce water consumption and save your septic system. Avoid use of phosphates, bleaches and anti-bacterial soaps, shampoos and cleaning supplies. Do not put grease into your septic tank.
  3. Sniff out a sick septic tank and have your tank pumped regularly.
  4. Stoop and scoop after your pooch.
  5. Kick the lawn habit especially close to the water; allow it to return to natural vegetation; and don’t use fertilizers.
  6. Reduce light pollution.
  7. Keep the water edge natural. Permits are required from the Park for any dock extensions and major underwater repairs. Ask us or the Park what is exempt.
  8. Keep the Quiet, sound travels farther over the water; please be sensitive to others. Please respect North Kawartha Township noise curfew of 11:00 pm.
  9. Do Not use lead weights when fishing and fish only during the fishing season. Don’t bring in live baitfish; it is prohibited in the Park.
  10. Boat responsibly, especially in narrows and near marshes; wakes are a common cause of baby loon deaths. Wakes are also rough on the shoreline, docks and swimmers.
  11. Maintain your boat and motor. When possible refuel on land where spills can be picked up.
  12. Park rules prohibit ATV use except for cottage access or during the Hunting Season. This effectively means that ATVs cannot be used on trails or roads between May 24th and September 1, and then only with a valid hunting license.
  13. Let your guests know what is acceptable on this environmentally sensitive lake.
  14. Include these and other tips in any rental agreements that you may make.
  15. Post these tips permanently in a highly visible place in your cottage. Keep them current.
  16. In doubt about something…ask your director, or the Lake Steward! We will be glad to arrange for a site visit, suggest an expert or point you to helpful information sources.

Visitors and Guests

Our aim is to have the lake remain in its present condition or better for future generations. Cottage owners should make renters/visitors aware of the recommended guidelines for cottagers.


  • Visitors/renters should minimize noise, follow boating regulations/guidelines and be aware they are sharing the lake with others.
  • Pets are to be leashed preferably and barking should be discouraged.
  • Remember noise carries across the lake so be careful of what you say and how loud.
  • Provide visitors and guests with a copy of the Cottage Tips – Being a Good Cottager.


Be Light conscious.

  • Light only what and when you need
  • Use energy efficient, warm white bulbs that can be turned off
  • Avoid solar lights
  • Direct lights down
  • Protect wildlife ecosystem

Reference materials can be found at:

Septic Systems

Part of looking after our lake is making sure our waste is taken care of in the most advisable manner. A great downloadable, printable reference document for septic information and maintenance advice can be found here.

Waste Management

Waste management services are available to you.

  • You will receive a Transfer Station Pass in your spring tax bill
  • You must present the pass when using the facilities
  • This authorizes you to use the:
    • Anstruther transfer station
    • Haultain transfer station
    • Peterborough disposal services
  • Hours of operation are shown on the pass
  • Use only clear bags
  • Services include:
    • household garbage
    • household recycling
    • organics collection/drop-off
    • household hazardous waste disposal, including paint and gasoline
    • electronics drop off
    • re-use depot
    • leaf and yard waste disposal
    • scrap metal and appliance disposal
    • tire disposal
    • textile drop-off
    • residential and construction disposal
    • spring cleanup drop off
  • Curbside pickup on the fire routes is also available on Monday, including Monday holidays between Easter and Thanksgiving, inclusive. Leave garbage and recyclables no earlier than 7am on the day of pickup.

For more information about North Kawartha waste management services visit

If you compost at the cottage, don’t put meat, fish, bones, dairy products, grease, or oil in your compost bin, so as not to attract wildlife. Hints for composting in the wilderness can be found at composting in the wilderness.