Loon Call Lake – Early Spring Newsletter – 2020

April 13, 2020

Margi Colquhoun

The ice is out. The snow is gone. Birds are calling.Things are awakening at Loon Call Lake.

Since cottagers are beginning to think about cottages we thought it a good time to reconnect. We are in the 5th week of “physical distancing” and restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, and nothing is normal. Even the thought of going to the cottage is fraught – should we? shouldn’t we? are we allowed? Information changes regularly and we will attempt to keep you updated on the website.

Updated Website

This letter introduces you to our wonderful restructured website where current information is located and updated regularly.

A huge thanks to Vickie Hartog and her daughter Kathryn Hartog who revised the website! Our thanks also go to Erin Billinghurst and her dad Bruce, who started the website and continued it until recently

Our website: Loon Call Lake includes a link to a video by our Mayor Carolyn Amyotte regarding Covid-19 and visits to the cottage. Although our local mayor is encouraging, our premier and local and federal health officials suggest that cottagers stay home in order to reduce the potential for spread of Covid19 to local residents and to reduce the potential impact on cottage country healthcare resources.

I will be attending a FOCA webinar about cottage country considerations and COVID-19 on Tuesday April 14 and will post and send highlights after the webinar.

Loon Call Lake Welcome Book

You will note on the website that we have a new Welcome Book! It is going to be valuable for newcomers and oldtimers alike. Please have a look!

Again our thanks go to Vickie Hartog’s leadership in creating our new welcome book! A small group including Jim Hartog, Syd Bowcott, Henry DeCock and Margi, led by Vickie Hartog, developed this book late last summer

Welcome Book

FOCA Spring Meeting

You can read or even watch the presentations of the spring 2020 FOCA meeting I attended in March. FOCA Event Summary Spring 2020, invasive species presentation by Andrea Kirkwood and FOCA spring seminar site.

Planting Trees and Shrubs

At the 2019 AGM information was provided about the value of planting trees and shrubs on waterfront properties/shorelines.  If you are up to the cottage this spring and staying close to home rather than visiting with friends, please consider planting!!! Trees and shrubs are easily accessible and it is difficult to overemphasize their value.

The province of Quebec has legislated that there must be several metres of natural vegetation on shorelines. (not grass!)

This resource from the Ontario Government states that shorelines are protected by law. Ontario Natural Shorelines

Watersheds Canada provides resources natural shorelines

Loon Call Lake Cottage Executive

As you were told a couple of months ago, Syd Bowcott is finished his long term as secretary in May.  I asked for volunteers then and received none.

I urge anyone who is recently retired to consider offering their support to the Executive!  The association cannot function without volunteers and if it is your time, we would appreciate the help.

On behalf of your Executive, please stay well and we look forward to seeing you as soon as possible.