News Bulletin #4 – Sayers Foods Fire

Loon Call Lake Cottager’s Association Support Survey

We have created a survey for you to take to determine Loon Call Lake Cottager’s Association support for the Apsley community following the Sayers Foods Fire.  Please respond once per cottage property. 

When more than 42 unique responses confirm support (50% of the cottages) we will proceed with a contribution to the North Kawartha Foodbank. 

Please take the survey here.

Updated Information – Support for the Apsley Community

Community Care Will Be a Lifeline and Asks for Assistance in Apsley

The fire at Sayers Food Town in Apsley has left many residents in the Township of North Kawartha, who are without transportation, unable to access food and a supply of regular groceries.

Community Care which already offers Meals on Wheels, grocery delivery and transportation support throughout North Kawartha is offering to further subsidize these programs to ensure that all residents who need financial or access help, can get the food supplies they need.

“We never stopped supporting our clients throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we will continue to support the residents of Apsley and this Township through this too,” said Danielle Belair – Executive Director of Community Care. “Our program office in Apsley will assist residents who are unable to drive, those who do not own a vehicle or will struggle to pay to travel to Buckhorn, Bancroft or Lakefield to buy groceries by coordinating volunteer drivers to take residents shopping or delivering groceries to them.”

With the nearest alternatives being 40 kilometres southwest to Buckhorn, 45 kilometres north to Bancroft or 50 kilometres south of the village of Lakefield, the cost to travel to these locations ranges between $30 to $50 to get groceries.

“We will also provide meals through our Meals on Wheels to help bridge the need,” added Belair. “Community Care is here as a lifeline and I would encourage those who can to join us as we support this community.”

Be A Lifeline


Community Care’s client services team has been working hard to come up with solutions to aid residents.

  • Hamilton Bus Lines is donating the gas and driver to provide free bus transportation on Tuesdays and Fridays to Bancroft for residents to purchase their groceries. Pick up spots will be outside the Community Care office in Apsley located at 126 Burleigh Street and North Kawartha Community Centre located at 340 McFadden Rd, starting Friday, December 11th.

“This bus transport is available for all residents at no charge,” said Sarah McCall – Community Care’s Community Development Coordinator in Apsley. “Community Care will coordinate all the scheduling for these drives.”

  • Community Care’s Caremobile will also be providing transportation every Wednesday for residents at these pick up locations who might require accessible transportation options.

“We will be able to transport people to either Bancroft or Lakefield with the Caremobile, depending on the need,” added McCall.

  • Volunteer drivers will also be available to accommodate any special requests.

“We will do our best to accommodate any special needs or requests with our volunteer drivers.

For people who live outside Apsley, who need help to get to one of the scheduled bus pick up locations, our volunteer drivers will assist by getting people to town,” said McCall. “They have been reaching out to us, wanting to help,” said McCall.

  • Shopping buddies are ready to help too.

“If someone needs assistance getting their groceries, we have some volunteers who are ready to assist with this too,” added McCall.

  • Frozen Meals on Wheels options will be made available for anyone with an immediate need.

“We have frozen meals in our freezer and we can make them available to anyone who needs immediate support,” said McCall.

Community Care will act as the hub to coordinate and schedule these free transportation services and access to meals.

For more information, call Community Care at (705)656-4589 or visit

Media Contacts:

Sarah McCall, Community Development Coordinator – Apsley, Community Care, (705)656-4589,,

Catherine Pink, Director, Support Services, Community Care, (705)742-7067, ext. 204,,

Alicia Vandine, Donor Relations and Communications Lead, Community Care,, (705)775-3083, ext 224,

Danielle Belair, Executive Director, Community Care,, (705)775-3083, ext. 210,


Mayor Carolyn Amyotte’s facebook is @mayoramyotte, should you wish to follow her for this and other news in North Kawartha and cottage country.

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