1st Annual Golf Tournament 2021

It was a fine day for golf, friends, fun and food.

I hope you all had a good time yesterday at the Looncall Lake Golf Tourney 😃. Here are the “official results” and the donation total for the North Kawartha Food Bank.

Thanks to the $5 from each participant and the generous donations from all the winners, we have a total of $423 for the North Kawartha Food Bank

And, the official results are…

  • 1st place:  Score: 32 Team E – Margi, Brian
  • 2nd place: Score: 34 Team D – Liz, Cal, Leah Ann, Henry
  • 3rd place: Score: 35 Team C – Erin, Mike, Becky, Chris
  • 4th place: Score: 36 Team I – Olena, Henry, Gary, Daniel
  • 5th place: Score: 36 Team L – Joe, Bill, Bernie, Brayden
  • 6th place: Score: 36 Team J – Shauna, Troy, Bruce, Doug
  • 7th place: Score: 37 Team A – Laurie, Erica, Brad, Scott
  • 8th place: Score: 38 Team B – Jackie, Rob, Jackie, Phil
  • 9th place: Score: 38 Team F – Mary Louise, Will, Mark
  • 10th place: Score: 39 Team G – Caitlin, Jim, Colin, Callum
  • 11th place: Score: 40 Team M – Kristina, Patrick, Dave, Nathan
  • 12th place: Score: 40 Team K – Jacquie, Janice, Mike
  • 13th place: Score: 41 Team H – Natalie, Richard, Owen, John

Putting Contest Winners…

  • 1st place: Cal Northover
  • 2nd place: Joe Cane
  • 3rd Place: Henry Wutzke

Sincerely, Scott Phillips

Thanks, Scott, for a great event. Let’s do it again next year